Aster and Piper
Some attributes
First Aster Vanderberg and Piper Gray
Second Frenemies and possible crushes
Third Travis Turner and Charlie Storwick
Other attributes

Aster and Piper are frenemies and possible crushes. Usually, Aster will tease Piper, but occasionally, Piper will come to Aster for advice. Aster also knows about Piper's crush on Jarvis.


Season 1

Pants Full of Ants

  • Aster compliments Piper on the song, but disses her hat.

Realm of Raiders

  • Aster compliments Piper's outfit, but adds an insult with it.
  • Piper asks Aster for advice on her and Jarvis.
  • To see if her decision is worth it or not, Aster kissed Piper.Because he LOVES her

Junior Fish Gutter

  • Piper comes to Aster for advice on how to tell if Jarvis likes her and he suggests being honest and asking him.

Season 2

Ruff Rider

  • The name of Aster's dog is revealed to be Piper.

Similarities and Differences


  • They are the same age.
  • They go to the same school.
  • They work at the same company.
  • They are both the chief officer of something.
  • They both seem to be the most intelligent out of the group.
  • They both find Bowie strange.
  • They can both sing.


  • Aster is a boy, Piper is a girl.
  • Piper works with technology, Aster designs.
  • Piper is more laid-back than Aster.
  • Piper has had a hit single, Aster has not.
  • Piper has (presumably) written a song, Aster has not.


  • A running gag is that Aster tends to liken Piper to a boy.