Bowie Sherman is a Knickknack employee whose job is unknown. He is also Jarvis' best friend. His personality comes across as a very extroverted character, and, although it's not always appreciated by all of the others, it's very endearing.

Bowie Sherman
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 14
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
He is portrayed by Harrison Houde.


Bowie is quite eccentric, and tends to weird and/or gross others out with the things he says and does.

He's also really childish, but is also smart. For example, he managed to create Mmmboing – a ball that never stops bouncing.


Jarvis Raines

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Jarvis is Bowie's best friend. Jarvis finds Bowie a little weird, but seems to trust him (most of the time) nonetheless.

Piper Gray

Piper is one of Bowie's frenemies. She finds him weird and, sometimes gross, but they are mostly friends nonetheless.

Geneva Hayes

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Geneva is one of Bowie's friends.

Knox Knoxford

Knox is another one of Bowie's friends.They seem to have the most mutual respect for each other out of Bowie's relationships.

Aster Vanderberg

Aster is another one of Bowie's frenemies. Aster (being Aster) sometimes makes fun of him and his clothes. Once, they had a fight with paint.



  • He celebrates all his holidays in August.
  • He created Mmmboing in Strong Suit.
  • He hired Mrs. Bubkes to be Knickknacks cleaning lady in Strong Suit.
  • He tends to be attracted to old ladies in Angie.
  • His thoughts sound like a British woman when rendered aloud in Lobster Trap.
  • He enjoys rolling around in money in a suit he got for his birthday, which he calls his "birthday suit" but is a literal suit.
  • He is a big fan of Caden Clark in Pop Superstar.
  • His mother may be a agent for the US Government in Wind-Up Robot.
  • Once, after eating moldy pizza, he hallucinated. Among his hallucinations were P. Everett Knickknack, Knickknack's mascot, and the animated city in which P. Everett purportedly lived.
  • When the man claiming to be P. Everett Knickknack first showed up, Bowie set out to prove the man really wasn't in Kick the Can.


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