Dr. KnickKnack's Medical Bag
Dr. KnickKnack's Medical Bag
Season 1, Episode 21
Vital statistics
Air date July 22, 2014 (CAN)
Written by Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz
Directed by Siohban Devine
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"Dr. KnickKnack's Medical Bag" is the 21st episode of the 1st Season of Some Assembly Required.


Candace, fed up with pretending to be Mrs. Bubkes, asks Jarvis for a second chance and Jarvis reluctantly hires her—to be Mrs. Bubkes's assistant. But when Bowie tells Jarvis a little girl saved her sister's life using a toy designed when Candace was in charge of KnickKnack, she sees it as an opportunity to get back on top. Meanwhile, Piper loses an auction because of Geneva. She wants a Pretty Mini Pony toy that she wanted as a kid, so Geneva gives her a Pretty Mini Pony; not the toy, but the actual Pretty Mini Pony.



Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jaeda Miller as Kaylie
  • Jessie Fraser as Reporter Elsie




  • Medical Bag is a possible reference to the board game Operation, or toy Medical Kits in general.

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Running Gags

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