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The following is a list of episodes of Some Assembly Required. This show created by Dan Signer is about a kid named Jarvis Raines is an average 14-year-old who becomes a boss overnight after he sues a toy company over a defective chemistry set that blows up his house. Jarvis' first act as CEO of Knickknack Toys is to recruit a diverse group of kids from his high school to help him run the company. Usually something backfires when they are trying to develop a new toy. The series premiered on January 6, 2014 and the series finale episode was aired on June 6, 2016.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 26 January 6, 2014 August 26, 2014
2 18 January 5, 2015 February 1, 2016
3 13 March 14, 2016 June 6, 2016

Season 1: 2014

No. Ep. Episode Title Directed By Written By Original Air Date
1 1 "Strong Suit" Adam Weissman Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz January 6, 2014
Jarvis Raines is an average teenager who becomes a boss overnight after he sues a toy company over a defective chemistry set that blows up his house. He recruits Piper Gray, Bowie Sherman, Geneva Hayes, Malcolm "Knox" Knoxford III and Aster Vanderberg from his school and Mrs. Bubkes, a cleaning lady who is really Candace, the old boss of the toy company, to be part of his company, and make their first toy, "The Strongsuit". Unfortunately, the kid testing the suit decides to keep it after listening to Mrs. Bubkes, and traps the staff inside the building. Eventually, Piper calibrates a remote to control the strongsuit. After, Candace calls as Mrs. Bubkes and questions if Jarvis had a rough week. He answers that his staff could handle it, and just before the credits, an advertisement is showing the Strongsuit, including its remote.
ThmbS01E01 5
2 2 "Philharmonica" Adam Weissman Jennica Harper January 13, 2014
The kids from KnickKnack try to sell a kids' meal toy to Melody Burger by working undercover at the fast-food restaurant. Meanwhile, Bowie is tasked to capture Mmmboing at Knickknack.
3 3 "Pants Full of Ants" Jon Rosenbaum Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz January 20, 2014
Jarvis discovers Piper performing a love song called "Jarvis", so Piper tries to hide that she has feelings for Jarvis from him, with some help from Aster.
Pants Full of Ants
4 4 "Rainbow Bunny" Adam Weissman Ryan W. Smith & Nathaniel Moher January 27, 2014
After Geneva orders 1,000,000 Rainbow Bunnies, the crew decide to make a web show to encourage kids to buy them off of them. Meanwhile, Piper tries to get a bad photo Geneva but no matter what, she is unable to get the photo.
Rainbow Bunny
5 5 "Kick the Can" Steve Wright Meredith Hambrock February 3, 2014
A man claiming to be P. Everett Knicknack comes to the company.
Kick the Can
6 6 "Cupid's Bow" Steve Wright Ryan W. Smith & Nathaniel Moher February 10, 2014
Piper hits Jarvis with her Cupid's Bow but it results with a lot of confusion.
Cupid's Bow
7 7 "Dance Crew Evolution" Jon Rosenbaum Cole Bastedo & Jennifer Siddle February 17, 2014
P. Evertt Knicknack is knocked out and Jarvis and Piper think he is dead so they make him a funeral.
Dance Crew Evolution
8 8 "Angie" Adam Weissman Jennica Harper February 24, 2014
One of KnickKnack Toys' top sellers, the Angie doll, is celebrating its 75th anniversary, so Jarvis has an idea to remodel her figure by holding a beauty pageant. Piper hates the idea and tracks down Angie's inspiration to stop it.
9 9 "Snack in the Box" Jon Rosenbaum Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz March 3, 2014
When the annual toy convention is in town, Jarvis attempts to prove Geneva's usefulness by putting her in charge of designing the product. But she creates a nightmarish toy, forcing Jarvis to save face.
Snack in the Box
10 10 "Lobster Trap" Adam Weissman Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz March 10, 2014
Bowie creates something where kids can control video games with their minds but it results in Jarvis and Knox thinking they're characters in the game.
Lobster Trap
11 11 "Teeny Toddler Chemistry Set" Jon Rosenbaum Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz March 17, 2014
A young boy comes to the company saying that their chemistry set blew up his house. He tricks Jarvis into letting him stay. Later, Aster tricks Geneva to buying all the chemistry sets in the store but all she bought were clothes so Aster goes. But he just buys clothes too. Then they go together but they maxed out the company's credit card. Later Piper finds a place called ToyLand that is similar to the place. Later, they find out that only 5,000 of the sets were shipped, and there were only 4,999 left, meaning that this kid was lying. He gets kicked out. Then Bowie's face is blown up and he sues Jarvis and becomes the new owner of the company.
Teeny Toddler Chemistry Set
12 12 "Moosetrap" Steve Wright Ryan W. Smith & Nathaniel Moher March 24, 2014
Bowie is now the new owner of the company and completely redesigns it by making it a mousetrap manufacturer and firing Jarvis. So in order to get his job back, Jarvis poses as the new secretary.
13 13 "Flycycle" Jon Rosenbaum Cole Bastedo & Jennifer Siddle April 7, 2014
When Bowie is given the task of creating a flying bicycle, he blanks out and must come up with something. Meanwhile, Mrs. Bubkes is in danger of fighting in the Meeskatanian war, so Jarvis and Piper dress up as her children so she has an excuse.
14 14 "Ricky Van Felt" Howard Nemetz Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz April 14, 2014
The toy company is given an offer for a little kid show Tickletown, but Jarvis is afraid of puppets. Then Mrs. Bubkes gets an evil puppet to make Jarvis look bad. Meanwhile, Knox and Bowie try to find a bikini commercial Geneva was in.
Ricky Van Felt
15 15 "Flyrates" Steve Wright Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz April 21, 2014
Jarvis and Piper make their own game, Flyrates, and promote it at GameCon. Piper's stand doesn't catch anyone's interest, until Jarvis and Bowie dress up as pirates and fight with each other. Meanwhile, Geneva fights fake ghosts with a new game.
16 16 "Fat Cat" Jon Rosenbaum Jennica Harper April 28, 2014
Candace steals the Fat Cat money that Jarvis needs for the Fat Cat Tournament and she stores it in the bank so the crew has to rob the bank to get it back.
Fat Cat
17 17 "Sidekick" Steve Wright Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz May 5, 2014
The crew pitch in ideas for a new line of superheroes and they explain what their superheroes would be.
18 18 "Presto Pack" Steve Wright Ryan W. Smith & Nathaniel Moher May 12, 2014
Magicians hunt down Jarvis after he exposes a secret of a magician.
Presto Pack
19 19 "Very Scary Fairy Tales" Siohban Devine Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz May 19, 2014
After Jarvis mistakenly loses Bowie's invitation to Geneva's party, he gets him to dress up as Cinderella but it backfires. Piper gets Knox to read a book of evil fairy tales.
Very Scary Fairy Tales
20 20 "Realm of Raiders" Milo Shandel Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz May 26, 2014
Piper defeats Alphadog, the world's most famous video game player in the world, giving her great attention. Alphadog shows up to meet Piper, but, much to Piper's surprise, Alphadog turns out to be a girl that Jarvis wants to ask out. However, Jarvis and Piper have a practice date (before a real one) and, with the advice of Aster, Piper tells Jarvis the opposite of what girls like but stops when Jarvis asks to kiss. But just as she is about to kiss him, Alphadog comes and he gets busted.
Realm of Raiders
21 21 "Dr. KnickKnack's Medical Bag" Siohban Devine Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz July 22, 2014
Candace, fed up with pretending to be Mrs. Bubkes, asks Jarvis for a second chance and Jarvis reluctantly hires her—to be Mrs. Bubkes's assistant. But when Bowie tells Jarvis a little girl saved her sister's life using a toy designed when Candace was in charge of KnickKnack, she sees it as an opportunity to get back on top. Meanwhile, Piper loses an auction because of Geneva. She wants a Pretty Mini Pony toy that she wanted as a kid, so Geneva gives her a Pretty Mini Pony; not the toy, but the actual Pretty Mini Pony.
Dr. KnickKnack's Medical Bag
22 22 "Pop Superstar" Jon Rosenbaum Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz July 29, 2014
When Pop superstar Caden Clark hides from a crowd of crazed fans at KnickKnack Toys, he becomes hooked on KnickKnack's video game "Pop Superstar" and decides to quit being a Pop superstar to become a professional "Pop Superstar" player. Jarvis and Piper must figure out how to get Caden to perform at his concert that night.
Pop Superstar
23 23 "Gizmospinatron" Siohban Devine Cole Bastedo August 5, 2014
While having a nap at work, Jarvis dreams up the world's greatest toy. Unfortunately, he forgets what it is as soon as he wakes up. In an attempt to help Jarvis remember what the toy was, Piper, Bowie, and Aster try to recreate Jarvis's day so he'll have the exact same dream—while maybe implanting a few ideas of their own. Meanwhile, Knox gets free clothes because he took a video of himself doing a skateboard stunt wearing Epic Thunder's clothes and posted it online. Geneva wants free clothes from Isabella Stracciatella, so she tries to do dangerous stunts.
24 24 "Mmmbomb" Adam Weissman Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz August 12, 2014
Mmmboing causes an uproar when he bounces into Prime Minister Davenport on national TV. Davenport tracks the perpetual motion machine to its creator, Bowie, and gives the gang a choice: either Bowie goes to jail for assaulting the Prime Minister—or they can help him use Mmmboing's technology for his own purposes. Meanwhile, Candace tries to get the password of Geneva's computer that has designs on the hard drive.
25 25 "Everyball" Adam Weissman Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz August 19, 2014
When Jarvis buys commercial time during the Super Bowl, he gets two tickets but everyone wants to go with him.
26 26 "Junior Fish Gutter" Howard Nemetz Jennica Harper August 26, 2014
To find out if Jarvis has real feelings for her, Piper pretends she's been offered a new job at a toy company far, far away.
Junior Fish Gutter

Note: This is the season finale of Season 1.

Season 2: 2015-16

No. Ep. Episode Title Directed By Written By Original Air Date
27 1 "Bouncy Pants" Milo Shandel Ryan W. Smith & Nathaniel Moher January 5, 2015
When KnickKnack runs out of money because of Everyball causing everyone not to buy any of their soccer balls, baseballs, volleyballs, etc., Jarvis considers partnering with Candace. But in order to do that, Candace needs him to fire someone to prove he's ruthless.
Bouncy Pants
28 2 "Ruff Rider" Howard Nemetz Ryan W. Smith & Nathaniel Moher January 12, 2015
When Jarvis holds a contest for dogs, and it includes a prize that Piper wants, she is willing to do anything to get it—even enter the competition.
Ruff Rider
29 3 "Just Like a Baby" Siohban Devine Jennica Harper January 19, 2015
When Mrs. Bubkes finds out that the kids would do anything to help a pregnant woman, she pretends to be pregnant so the kids will do her work for her. Meanwhile, Bowie and Knox decide to make a realistic baby doll, but take advantage of it when a cute girl asks Bowie to a playdate.
Just Like a Baby
30 4 "Samurai Salamanders" Milo Shandel Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz January 26, 2015
Jarvis, Bowie, Knox, and Geneva dress up as the Samurai Salamanders to promote their new doll, but when a kid asks them for help when a bully steals his doll, the gang must work together to stop the bully. Meanwhile, Aster is looking for a guy to model his clothes that he sewed to be in a magazine. He decides to ask Piper to model the clothes.
Samurai Salamanders
31 5 "Brrrzooka" Howard Nemetz Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz February 2, 2015
After Mrs. Bubkes becomes vice-president of KnickKnack Toys, Candace plans to sabotage their latest toy.
32 6 "Cardboard Box" Raugi Yu Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz March 16, 2015
After Geneva takes control of a band that Piper creates, Piper ends up quitting her own band.
Cardboard Box
33 7 "Flurf" Siohban Devine Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz March 23, 2015
When Jarvis sells mattresses made out of "Flurf", super-soft material from Candace's fat suit for Mrs. Bubkes, he accidentally lands himself in a war with Mel's Mattress Kingdom, another mattress company. To end this war "The Mattress King" says that Piper has to go on a date with his son. Once it's revealed that he's fun and cool Jarvis gets jealous.
34 8 "Littlefoot" Siohban Devine Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz March 30, 2015
After Bowie posts a video of Aster in a fur suit trying to get in a garbage bin to retrieve something of his, viewers mistake him for the creature Littlefoot. Jarvis then creates a line of Littlefoot toys.
35 9 "Wind-Up Robot" Milo Shandel Nadiya Chettiar April 6, 2015
Jarvis, Bowie, Piper, and Knox try to find a million-dollar toy that is somewhere in the building.
Wind-Up Robot
36 10 "Kooky-Dough" Jon Rosenbaum Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz April 13, 2015
When Candace decides to send an inspector over to KnickKnack, Jarvis makes all of the company super-safe. But there's one thing he doesn't take account of: an ever-expanding, man-eating blob that Geneva creates with a toy called "Kooky-Dough" and yeast.
37 11 "Greedy Pig" Milo Shandel Cole Bastedo April 20, 2015
KnickKnack releases a new toy: Greedy Pig, the piggy bank that makes saving fun! But when the gang discovers the money that kids are saving in their Greedy Pigs is somehow disappearing, it's time for a stakeout to find the thief.
Greedy Pig
38 12 "Stinky Face" Jon Rosenbaum Jennica Harper April 27, 2015
Dissatisfied with how she's treated, Piper goes undercover as a blonde to prove it's really true that blondes have more fun.
Stinky Face
39 13 "Rocket with a Pocket" Ken Friss Jennica Harper July 13, 2015
KnickKnack releases a new toy called Rocket With A Pocket and everything is going well until a little girl puts her baby sister in the rocket.
Rocket with a Pocket
40 14 "Snappo" Ken Friss Cole Bastedo & Jennifer Siddle January 4, 2016
The owner of the prestigious toy line Snappo, Tobias, arrives from Denmark and offers to sell Snappo to KnickKnack for $25,000. Candace overhears the conversation and attempts to steal the deal. However Tobias is actually a con-artist, and when his scheme succeeds on one of the two sides, the two sides are forced to unite and attempt to con the con-artist.
41 15 "The Shnorfs" Jon Rosenbaum Ryan W. Smith & Nathaniel Moher January 11, 2016
Piper decides to create an updated set of Shnorfs that can talk and communicate with each other, using the KnickKnack employees and the models. Meanwhile Bowie decides to put together a video showing all the team as kids, forcing Candace to find a young orphan, Adelaide, to play her as a kid, but the making of the home video forces Candace to face a side she hasn't shown before.
The Shnorfs
42 16 "Award Show in a Box" Howard Nemetz Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz January 18, 2016
Moviestar Jazlyn Sims comes to KnickKnack to try to get a custom dress for an upcoming awards show. Jarvis pretends that he made the designs and then must find a way to convince Aster to make the dress. Elsewhere Bowie mistakenly thinks Piper has fallen in love with him, and Geneva hears Candace playing herself and thinks she is a great impressionist.
Award Show in a Box
43 17 "K-Kube" Adam Weissman Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz January 25, 2016
When Geneva breaks the K-Kube world record, Jarvis decides to sponsor a competition to make the record official between Geneva and Q-Bot. Meanwhile Jarvis acknowledges Piper as being a girl after seeing her with Bowie. Piper thinks it's because her and Bowie were on a date, but when Bowie decides to break up with Piper, Piper must figure out a way to convince him to stay with her so she can win Jarvis's heart.
44 18 "Taste Buds" Heather Hawthorn-Doyle Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz February 1, 2016
Jarvis and Geneva are scheduled to participate in a local parade as Boyfriend and Girlfriend Sprinkle until Geneva loses her voice. Meanwhile Piper confronts Bowie on whether or not he was telling the truth when he told her that Jarvis was in love with her only to take Geneva's place as Girlfriend Sprinkle. Knox meets a Mizopotamian girl, Tsouris, that he falls in love with and asks Mrs. Bubkes for advice. Jarvis confesses to Bowie he likes Piper, but it's after Bowie has told Piper he lied about Jarvis liking her, making the two question each other's feelings.
Taste Buds

Note: This is the season finale of Season 2.

Season 3: 2016

No. Ep. Episode Title Directed By Written By Original Air Date
45 1 "Raindrop Rabbit" Ken Friss Ryan W. Smith & Nathaniel Moher March 14, 2016

When Bowie is captured while investigating a knock-off Knickknack company, the gang must fly to Meeskatania to save Bowie, and put an end to the knockoffs.

46 2 "Dig it Dragon" Siohban Devine Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz March 21, 2016

Bowie distracts a lovesick Jarvis with the task of updating a popular toy from the 1960s, while Piper gets stuck dating a guy who is unbearably upbeat.

47 3 "Tinosaur" Siohban Devine Nadiya Chettiar & Nathaniel Moher March 28, 2016
When Knox pretends he's the president of Knickknack to impress his successful businessman father, Jarvis is willing to play along. Piper takes advantage of her "new boss" and uses the opportunity to clone a tiny dinosaur, which runs amok at Knickknack.
48 4 "Wreck & Roll" Howard Nemetz Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz April 4, 2016

Piper attempts to get into a concert to show a famous punk rocker her new toy guitar. Meanwhile, Jarvis gets in over his head when he gets a tattoo to impress Piper.

49 5 "Betty the Builder" Ken Friss Jennifer Siddle April 11, 2016

When Jarvis creates a construction worker doll for girls, based on a tough, real-life female construction worker without her permission, she shows up at Knickknack, looking for answers.

50 6 "Joy Buzzer" Milo Shandel Ryan W. Smith & Nathaniel Moher April 18, 2016

When Jarvis can't bring himself to tell Piper the cartoon she made is bad, he invents a fake film festival for her to enter it into. To keep up the charade, Jarvis enlists the rest of the gang to make short films.

51 7 "Unicorpse" Milo Shandel Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz April 25, 2016

When Jarvis writes and performs a cheesy love song for Piper, she assumes the song is meant for Geneva, and he is forced to cover by claiming Bowie wrote it.

52 8 "Microphony" Jon Rosenbaum Ryan W. Smith & Nathaniel Moher May 2, 2015

Bowie uses a special microphone that mimics people's voices to secretly get Jarvis and Piper to confess their love for each other, but inadvertently causes a fight between the two.

53 9 "My Last Dolly" Raugi Yu Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz May 9, 2016

When Jarvis hires Candace to be in a focus group about toys for seniors, she and her daughter, Adelaide, hatch a plan to sabotage this new toy.

54 10 "Ollie-Matic" Heather Hawthorn-Doyle Ryan W. Smith May 16, 2016

Jarvis holds a skateboarding competition where Knox's hero, Eric Thunder, goes head-to-head with Knickknack's new, self-driving skateboard: the Ollie-Matic.

55 11 "Claude's Kitchen" Ken Friss Ryan W. Smith & Nathaniel Moher May 23, 2016

Jarvis duels against a snooty, French, celebrity kid chef in a cooking competition for Piper's affection.

56 12 "Captain Indestructible" Siohban Devine Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz May 30, 2016

Jarvis rehearses for a walk-on role in the new Captain Indestructible movie, while Piper protests the closing of the historic Punk club, the Viper Pit.

57 13 "Mmmboing" Howard Nemetz Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz June 6, 2016

Jarvis and Piper are put to the test when a record producer discovers Piper and wants to send her away on a two-year tour.

Note: This is the series finale of Some Assembly Required.