Geneva Hayes
SAR EP101 00084
Vital statistics
Position Receptionist
Age 14

15 (as of Very Scary Fairy Tales

Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Geneva Hayes is Knickknack's receptionist and Jarvis' personal assistant. She is portrayed by Sydney Scotia.


Geneva is very pretty; hence her many admirers. However, she's portrayed as an airhead who hates having to work, and is used to having people do things for her.

Yet she seems to have a smart side – for example, she managed to solve a K-Kube within six seconds and even said she found it rather fun, she also beat Kubot- the robot who is an expert on the K-Kube!

Geneva can be kind also, like when she volunteered to help Mrs Bubkes while she's "pregnant".


Geneva is very pretty, with wavy blonde hair. She almost always wears make-up and designer clothes. Many boys find her attractive.


Jarvis Raines

Jarvis finds Geneva very beautiful, and even lets her get away with not doing work and gives her the same salary – though, it's even implied that he gives her a higher payment than everyone else – as the rest of them.

Piper Gray

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Piper is somewhat jealous of Geneva because she feels like Geneva has it better because she's pretty, and she thinks that Jarvis likes her. However, Geneva is completely oblivious of her crush on Jarvis. They don't seem to get along that well, considering that Piper sometimes insults Geneva.

Bowie Sherman

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Geneva (like most of the characters) seems to find Bowie weird. They still get along, however, and are friends.

Aster Vanderberg

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She and Aster share a love for fashion, and they get along pretty well. Like when they both worked together to find a match for Mrs Bubkes.

Malcolm "Knox" Knoxford III

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Knox (like most of the male cast) finds Geneva gorgeous, but they actually get along fine and seem to be friends. He helped her shoot a video doing stunts with her Isabella Stragitella dresses though Geneva ended up getting banned from that store.



  • Geneva beat the high score for solving K-Kubes.
  • Geneva is shown to be a skilled drummer in Cardboard Box, possibly even more skilled than Knox.
  • Geneva is revealed to never look bad in a photo in Rainbow Bunny.


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