Jarvis and Piper
Some attributes
First Jarvis Raines
and Piper Gray
Second Friends, possible crushes
Third Kolton Stewart and Charlie Storwick
Other attributes

Jarvis and Piper are friends and possible crushes. (Note: As this page describes their relationship in general, their romantic moments will not be included. Instead, they will be on the Jiper page.)


Season 1

Dance Crew Evolution

  • Jarvis lets Piper include her song in the game.


  • Despite Piper not having entered in the pageant, Jarvis chooses her to be the new Angie.


  • Jarvis and Piper help Mrs. Bubkes get out of joining the army by dressing up as her children.


  • Jarvis and Piper design a game together and promote it at GameCon.

Fat Cat

  • Jarvis and Piper dress up as statues in order to access the vault and get the money back.

Similarities and Differences


  • They work at the same company.
  • They both pretended to be Mrs. Bubkes' child.


  • Jarvis is a boy, Piper is a girl.
  • Jarvis is the CEO, Piper is the chief technology officer.
  • Piper is more intelligent than Jarvis.
  • They like different types of music.
  • Jarvis thought "P. Everett Knickknack"'s funeral should be a somber occasion, Piper thought it should more capture who he was.