Season 2, Episode 10
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Air date April 13, 2015 (CAN)
Written by Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz
Directed by Jon Rosenbaum
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"Kooky-Dough" is the 10th episode of the 2nd Season and the 36th episode overall of Some Assembly Required.


When Candace decides to send an inspector over to KnickKnack, Jarvis makes all of the company super-safe. But there's one thing he doesn't take account of: an ever-expanding, man-eating blob that Geneva creates with a toy called "Kooky-Dough" and yeast.



Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Dave Collette as Safety Inspector


Jarvis: Piper! I can't understand this email you sent me. [Talks in a gibberish language]
Piper: You can't understand that? It says, I can't type wearing all of this protective gear. [She shows Jarvis the gloves she is wearing and types on her laptop with the gloves]
Jarvis: I know it's a pain but until we pass that safety inspection we need to be extra, ultra, super safe.
Aster: You should be thankful for that protective gear. The more of that outfit you cover up, the better.
Piper: [Stands up, forces her protective gloves off her hands, and shows her fists at Aster]
Aster: [Screaming like a girl]
Jarvis: What is that?
Piper: Um, well! Remember that toy we invented? Turns out it's less toy and more uncontrollable, ever expanding, man eating, blood thirsty blob.
Jarvis: Ever expanding! It grows?
Geneva: He's kind of an emotional eater.



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