Some attributes
First Piper Gray and Aster Vanderberg
Second Frienemies/ Kissed once
Third Charlie Storwick and Travis Turner
Other attributes

Pipster (Pip/er and A/ster) is the romantic pairing of Piper Gray and Aster Vanderberg. The two are frenemies, but tend to give good advice for each other. In Seasons 1 and 2, Aster is the only character to be aware of Piper's crush on Jarvis. Aster has kissed Piper in the episode Realm of Raiders.


Season 1

Realm of Raiders

  • Piper comes to Aster for advice on the practice date and Aster suggests giving Jarvis the wrong impression as to what girls are like and are into.
  • Aster compliments Piper on her looks.
  • Aster kisses Piper to see if Jarvis would think Piper was a good enough kisser.
  • After kissing Aster, Piper seems uncertain and somewhat reluctant on whether to kiss Jarvis.


Episode: So far, the main Pipster episode is Realm of Raiders, as Aster complimented Piper and kissed her and Piper was uncertain on whether to kiss Jarvis.


  • When they kissed, it was blocked, and likely not real. This is likely due to the age difference between their portrayers. (Charlie Storwick was born in 1998 and Travis Turner was born in 1987.)