Strong Suit
ThmbS01E01 5
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date January 6, 2014 (CAN)
Written by Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz
Directed by Adam Weissman
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"Strong Suit" is the 1st episode of the 1st Season of Some Assembly Required.


Jarvis Raines is an average teenager who becomes a boss overnight after he sues a toy company over a defective chemistry set that blows up his house.


The series begins with the Raines family celebrating Christmas. Jarvis opens his front door to see his best friend Bowie Sherman. Bowie is ready to walk with Jarvis to school, but Jarvis informs him of school being closed and invites him into his house. As Jarvis is opening his presents, he sarcastically remarks about how great the "Teeny Toddler Chemistry Set" from his Aunt Marlene is. After Jarvis tosses the present away, his house is blown to pieces.

Jarvis and Bowie then make their way to Knickknack Toys to complain to the company that his house was blown up by the defective chemistry set. They are introduced to Candace Wheeler, the CEO and sole employee of Knickknack Toys. Candace proves to be no help at all, only offering another chemistry set that also blows up in the building. Candace mockingly threatens Jarvis to sue her, to which Jarvis accepts with a simple "Okay."

Jarvis has now become the new CEO of Knickknack Toys, and promptly fires Candace for her rude behavior and poor customer service. Realizing he can't effectively run the company alone, he recruits Piper Gray, Bowie Sherman, Geneva Hayes, Malcolm "Knox" Knoxford III and Aster Vanderberg from his school and Mrs. Bubkes, (a cleaning lady who is really Candace) to be part of his company. The team begins to think up their first new toy, and Bowie creates Mmmboing, a rubber ball that contains a motion powered nano-generator that allows it to bounce forever. Unsatisfied with Mmmboing, the team then works together and create their first toy, "The Strongsuit".

Unfortunately, the kid testing the suit decides to keep it after listening to Mrs. Bubkes, and traps the staff inside the building. Eventually, Piper calibrates a remote to control the strongsuit, and the kid is safely ejected from the toy. After, Candace calls from the roof dressed as Mrs. Bubkes and questions if Jarvis had a rough week. He answers that his staff could handle it, and Candace is knocked out by Mmmboing. Just before the credits, an advertisement is showing the Strongsuit, including its remote.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Zoe Mandell as Shelby
  • Jena Skodje as Sophie


Phone Girl: No way, she said that? Shut Up! SHUT UP!!
Piper: Here's an idea, Why don't you follow your own advice and SHUT UP!!?
Phone Girl: [To Piper] Do you mind? I'm on the phone, (to friend on Phone) Sorry, some people can be so rude, "gasp" SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!
Piper: "Some people" also know how to override the digital projection system. [hacks into the theatre screen with her phone and videocams herself saying with a demon voice] GET...OFF...THE...PHONE!!!!!!!!! [picks up the phone left behind by the phone girl] She'll call you back, or she won't. I don't really care!

Piper: [To Jarvis] I love you......(eu)clidean Geometry!

Jarvis: [Names each friend] Piper Gray...Gamer Dude, Aster Vanderberg...King of Swag, Knox...Human Crash Test Dummy, Geneva Hayes, Because I can, Bowie Sherman, also works here.

Piper: Everything here is incredible. I mean if you care about...stuff.
Aster: Hey, that's not fair! Why do you need to be this tall to ride the coaster!??
Knox: Who cares! This place is sick!
Geneva: Aw! This place isn't feeling well. We should make it soup.
Bowie: [Excitingly] I work here!
Jarvis: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the future.
Knox: We're in the future? [Holds up a library book called "Anytime Jokes for Kids"] Oh no! I'm gonna have crazy late fees on this library book.
Aster: We're not in the future! If anything judging from your outfits and hair styles we're about 3 years in the past!
Geneva: We're in the past? I should warn Knox not to take out that library book. I'm too late!
Bowie: [Excitingly] I WORK HERE!
Piper: [To Jarvis] You told me you're hiring the best and the brightest. When are they getting here?


  • This is the only episode to show Jarvis's home and family.
  • First appearances of Jarvis Raines, Piper Gray, Bowie Sherman, Geneva Hayes, Aster Vanderberg, Knox Knoxford, and Candace Wheeler.


Character Revelations

  • Bowie celebrates all holidays in August.
  • Piper has a major crush on Jarvis, which he is completely unaware of.
  • At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Mrs. Bubkes was truly Candace in disguise.


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