Hey guys! If anybody sees this blog on this wikia, you definitely need to pay close attention to this announcement. On the Some Assembly Required Wikipedia page, there is some information in the production section about Season 4 information that says:

"On January 7, 2017, YTV cancelled the series, but was immediately picked up by Netflix for a 19 episode fourth season."

Now, don't get your hopes up, but we just want you guys to know that Wikipedia is not a reliable source. Plus Wikipedia is the only website to have that information with no source. Also, me and @CabbieDude were talking about this earlier and we believe that there is no official proof that there will be a fourth season. So far we only had one user who likes to post false information and added a Season 4 article. The page was then deleted after words. We do not want anybody here on this wikia being excited about false information.

So with that being said, DO NOT add a Season 4 article here on the Some Assembly Required Wikia. Because right now, we really doubt that there is a Season 4 being made. Any user who adds a Season 4 page, that page will be removed. So please do not add a Season 4 page on this wikia.

I just want to let you guys know. Thank you!!!